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Waste and Recycling - What goes where


This item can be recycled using the Blue bin.
Please reuse wherever possible.

This item cannot be recycled. Please put this in your Black bin.

Please put this in your Green bin.

Please put this in your Silver Food Caddy.
or use it for Home Composting.
If the item is still usable you may be able to sell it at an online auction site or advertise it online at Freegle or Freecycle.
If this item is in reasonable condition please donate it to a Charity Shop.

or take them to your nearest Recycling Bring Bank

Alternatively it could be donated to charity. The British Heart Foundation have a collection service and large furniture store in Northampton.

If the item is not usable please place in a collection bag for small electrical items and leave on top of your Blue bin.

You may like to consider recycling for Charity.


Please contact your local garage.

Remember to remove all personal information from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone first before recycling or disposing of it. For details either consult the manufacturer or see the Microsoft Safety and Security page.


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