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Discretionary Housing Payment and Council Tax Reduction Exceptional Hardship Fund Application Form

A Discretionary Housing Payment is a payment that anyone who is in receipt of Housing Benefit may apply for as long as the applicant has a shortfall between their rental liability and the amount of Housing Benefit the authority awards. A Discretionary Housing Payment can also be made to help with rent in advance and rent deposits in certain circumstances.

A claim for Exceptional Hardship can be made by anyone who has a Council Tax liability and is in receipt of Council Tax Reduction and who is in financial difficulty. There must be a shortfall between the Council Tax liability and the amount of Council Tax Reduction the authority awards. This additional assistance is for those residents most adversely affected by the changes made under the Welfare Reform Act 2012 and the introduction of the Council Tax Reduction Scheme.

Awards of Discretionary Housing Payments and Exceptional Hardship Payments are made at the discretion of the local authority where it is considered that additional help is required with Housing and Council Tax costs. There is no automatic entitlement. Any awards should be seen as meeting a short term need and is not intended to permanently relieve a shortfall between an applicant’s Council Tax liability or Housing costs.

In order for your application form to be considered, please answer all of the questions within this form as fully as possible, as failure to do so could result in no payment of Discretionary Housing Payment or Exceptional Hardship being made.

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